Mindful Makeup

Mindful Makeup
Mindfulness can mean many things, as everyone experiences it in their own way. Have you ever thought about mindfulness during your makeup? Then be sure to read on. Together with Anna Santens, we will turn your routine into a true self-care ritual.

Anna Santens

Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Therapist & Yoga teacher

"I am convinced that the most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself."

We are all prone to a bit of fuss and chaos in the morning. It often starts with hitting the snooze button a few times and staying in bed a little longer. Then rushing into the shower and out the door with a quick breakfast or a coffee on-the-go. That extra time in bed and snoozes feel nice in the moment, but are rarely worth it in the long run. Did you know there is a better way to start your morning? It is not difficult at all and requires just a little bit of commitment, awareness and attention. Let's create your mindful morning routine together. This kind of routine or ritual immediately sets the right tone for the rest of your day.

I can already hear you thinking, "What is the perfect morning routine?" I don't know the answer to that. Every person is different and what works for one person may possibly not work or be less effective for another. In addition, the effect will be different for everyone. In general, I can tell you that it gives you more time for yourself, more energy, better focus, good health, less stress and inner peace. Mindfulness helps you experience the present more intensely and focus your attention on the things that matter in the moment. Instead of being in thought and fretting, you pay more attention to the things you are really working on at the moment.

Reality check: with a nine-month-old baby, my mornings turn out a little differently at the moment and there is less space and time for an elaborate self-care ritual. But where there is a will, there is a way. Sometimes I only have a few minutes, so I make them count. I pay attention to my body and mind by nourishing them in a healthy way.

An example of my mindful morning routine. When my alarm goes off and I wake up, I immediately visualise my day. I close my eyes, take several deep breaths and think about what I want to achieve today. Then I drink one to two glasses of lukewarm water with lemon, cayenne, fresh ginger, turmeric, and black pepper. A lovely pick-me-up. I take a few minutes to meditate briefly so I can set my intention for the new day.

I combine this with journaling, asking myself a number of questions. What is an important goal I am working towards? Why am I excited about it? What does my soul need today? Once those questions are answered, I start my mindful makeup routine. This more conscious sense of self-care helps you relax more and be in the moment. It is nourishing for your mind, your overall well-being and affects how you feel inside and out.

I love natural, mineral makeup. Less is more for me and I swear by LCDN's products. The beauty product par excellence that you can get mindful with is their Beauty Blender. A handy tool to gently apply liquid make-up such as the Skin Fusion FDT or CC Cream SPF30.

Take the time to moisten the blender and squeeze it well afterwards. This will stimulate your senses. Hear how the water flows, feel it running over your hands and how the structure of the Beauty Blender changes. Combine this with a breathing exercise. Close your eyes, inhale as your fingers grip the Beauty Blender firmly. Exhale and feel how the Beauty Blender expands once you release your grip. Open your eyes and apply your liquid make-up. Keep it soft, with conscious attention and, above all, love for yourself.

That love for yourself also translates into LCDN's formulas. They make a conscious decision not to use ingredients that are on their blacklist. That way, you don't have to worry about hypersensitivity or any allergies. And that way, their formulas remain gentle on your skin. The CC Cream I mentioned earlier is one you should try for yourself. The formula feels extremely soft and you can feel how it instantly nourishes your skin. This is because of the almond oil in the formula. This will keep your skin healthy and give it a beautiful glow. There are such ingredients in each of their products that actively keep your skin healthy.

  • Use your screens only after your morning routine, such as mobile phone, laptop, tablet and/or TV. This will help you stay better with yourself and your own pure energy.
  • Even if you only have two minutes, take that time to be mindful. Even then, you signal your nervous system to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. That stands in for rest, recovery and relaxation. Most importantly, develop a routine that works for you and that you can repeat daily.
  • Change your mindset. If you think "I have to be up earlier and will be tired", you will be.
  • Hang in there! Resistance may arise and it can be quite stubborn. Try to go through that gently and stay true to yourself. Developing mindfulness habits takes time, so remember to be gentle with yourself.
  • Above all, remember to enjoy the moment, which means taking the time to intensely enjoy the actions you do.

Morning is a precious moment and I believe in influencing both your physical and mental well-being in a positive way by doing something nourishing for your mind, body and soul. Applying makeup can be seen as a creative outlet that can help you boost your confidence rather than a way to hide your imperfections.

Invest in yourself by making an impactful connection between your make-up, your physical and mental well-being.