Four New Makeup Trends For The New Year

Four New Makeup Trends For The New Year

January. The month of good intentions, putting our best foot forward and the start of a brand new year! The new year is full of surprises and also brings with it some new make-up trends. We picked four favourites that you can easily incorporate into your routine.




This new year is all about your natural complexion. With the Breathable Makeup trend, you highlight your own skin instead of hiding it under an thick layer of foundation. That natural glow looks good on you! Do you have some  imperfections that you like to camouflage a little? A small pimple or dark circles, for example? Then you can always use a touch of concealer. And to make this even easier for you, we recently developed a new, golden duo: the Conceal & Shaping Kit. Together, these sticks make your skin look extra radiant. Use the lightest colour to conceal imperfections (Conceal) and to highlight the face. The darker colour can be used to contour (Shaping) and shape the face. The unique cream-to-serum formula ensures that these feel extremely light and create a beautiful, natural glow.

As seen on @simplicitybywendy, watch the full tutorial here.





This look takes us straight back to last year's hot summer as if it were yesterday. In 2023, we don't have to hold back on letting our skin glow. For this Glazed Skin trend, you create a little more glow in certain areas of your face. Apply your highlight to the curve around your eyes: on the cheekbones, temples, above and below your eyebrows. This will allow the light to immediately show off that glow when your face hits the sunlight. To enhance that glow a little more, opt for a cream formula like our Glow Stick. Thanks to the nourishing oils in this formula, a little extra shine is created alongside the glitter of the pearl. This way, you kill two birds with one stone; nourished skin and a beautiful glow!

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blurred-lipsIn 2023, we no longer have to worry about colouring outside the lines. The Blurred Lips trend comes over from South Korea. There, they have been doing it for years. They only apply some colour in the centre of the lips so it looks like you just ate a lollipop that has tinted your lips. This makes the lips appear finer and the mouth smaller. Here, we do it just the other way around. Apply your lip liner or lipstick over the lip edges and connect the tops of your cupid's eye. You will then blur those with a brush or your fingers. This will create fuller and more voluminous lips. You can do this with any lipstick or balm you have. We recommend using a lipstick that lasts well, like our Stylo Lipstick Velours. It's long-stay and has a matte finish. So you don't have to worry about your lipstick smudging or fading. 

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coloured-linerFor the daredevils among us, this will be the year to experiment. A winged liner can be challenging at times. But admit it, once you master the technique, you can't get enough. The Coloured Liner trend gives us a bit more leeway to let our creativity run wild. That touch of extra colour will instantly brighten up your makeup look! In general, it is better to work with an eye pencil instead of a liquid liner. That way, you have more room to correct possible mistakes. The creamy formula of the Stylo Yeux WR makes it easy to draw your eyeliner. Plenty of choice as it is available in seven colours. Want to go for a softer look? Then you can combine this trend with the smudged liner technique. This involves blurring the eyeliner. You can do this with the eraser at the back of your eye pencil or with eye shadow.

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