Sports reporter Ine Beyen: "How I discovered CDN."

Sports reporter Ine Beyen: "How I discovered CDN."

I got to know Couleurs de Noir about three years ago when I went with a friend to a workshop in a local pharmacy. Since then I hardly put on any other make-up. I was immediately sold. Especially the natural aspect of the line appealed to me. I actually don't really die for makeup, I'm a big proponent of 'less is more' and the natural look is always the look that appeals to me the most. That's why it was immediately a match between Couleurs de Noir and myself.

During the summer months I get a tan quickly so I don't have to put on much makeup. A touch of brown F-OXY Mascara and the Eyebrow Gel is enough for me. I also like the tinted eyebrow gel, which gives a natural look just that little bit more.

If I have recordings, it may be just a little more. Then I start with the Correcteur d'Éclat to remove imperfections. Then I apply the CC cream. I often mix numbers 2 and 3 together. I like that it covers just enough blemishes without overdoing it. I think a freckle or a spot is just an added value to a face, so that can be seen.

Then follows the mascara and the eyebrow gel. And sometimes I put on some Clear Skin Bronzer and blush. If it's a long shooting day, I finish them with Setting Powder so that everything stays in place.

In short, I don't stand in front of the mirror for more than 4 minutes ;-).