Prep your skin for spring

Prep your skin for spring

And just like that, spring comes knocking on our door. Even though she’s still a little bit shy, we’ve already gotten a glimpse of her welcoming sunshine. And while we’ve been hydrating and nourishing our skin throughout winter, our spring-skin asks for a few adjustments. It’s time to set aside those rich creams and heavy foundations and start working on a more lightweight routine. Find out how you can prepare your skin for spring, both makeup- and skincare-wise.


How your skin reacts to the seasonal change

The low temperatures, icy wind and excessive use of heating have been dehydrating your skin throughout the season. When your skin is dry, it is vulnerable to free radicals because it doesn’t have an oily coating. That’s why we use heavier moisturisers during the winter. But once the temperatures start rising again, our skin can make its own protective layer and rehydrate itself by producing sebum. Combining this with an intensive skincare routine will probably clog your pores and suffocate your skin.

That’s why a little spring cleaning is needed in your skincare and makeup routine. It’s time to make a few cuts in the number of products you’re using and return to the basics. Store your rich creams and heavy foundations back in your closet. A lightweight routine is the way to go!


Your spring go-to’s

Minimal skin

minimal-skinAs we concluded at the beginning of the year, a high-coverage foundation is not a must for a good makeup look. In case you haven’t read our article on the 2023 makeup trends, you can do that here. There are plenty of other ways to even out your skin tone. Let your natural skin shine by applying a lightweight concealer to camouflage imperfections. You can use our Conceal & Shaping Kit for that. It has a cream-to-serum formula that creates a natural coverage while hydrating your skin. And don’t forget the most important step: using a strong setting powder. Because the cosy spring temperatures trigger sebum production, possibly melting down your makeup. The brand-new HA Loose Setting Powder mattifies your complexion, absorbs sebum, and locks in your makeup. Looking for a little bit of extra coverage? Then try the tinted version of this formula.



Barely there eyeshadow


It’s all about simplicity this spring. Let your eyes speak for their own instead of using heavy eyeshadow. A haze of colour will do wonders to create just the right amount of definition. This will instantly make your eyes stand out without looking like you just stood in front of the mirror for an hour. This look will only take a few minutes of your time. Add any neutral-toned eyeshadow in the crease and underneath your lower lash line. The Stylo OAP WP Matte has five natural colours for you to enjoy. The best part? They have a 24h+ long-lasting formula. Don’t forget to give your brows some love as well. The Quick Fix Tinted Brow Gel will define your brows by giving them a natural tint and shaping the hair. This will add the finishing touches to your look. Already blessed with full brows? Then you can pick the clear formula to brush your brows into shape.



Frosted lips


Yes, the name might give more winter than spring vibes but it’s definitely worth trying out. The frosted lips take us back to the early 2000s when you’d outline your lips and add high-shine lipgloss. Not only does it make your lips look fuller, but it’s also a great look for anyone out there that has chapped lips. And let’s admit it, we all do after the cold winter days. Start by using a lipstick or lipliner that is slightly darker than your natural lip colour. The Stylo Lipstick Velours has a skinny point and long-lasting formula. Two key components to precisely line your lips. All that’s left is to add your favourite lip gloss. Et voila! The Instant Gloss Lip Oil has been a fan favourite ever since it launched. It contains highly nourishing oils, is lightweight, and doesn’t feel sticky. The transparent formula will emphasize your natural lip colour while repairing any chaps in your lips.



A little refreshment

We all crave a cooling drink when it’s hot, and so does our skin. A setting spray is usually applied right after you finish your makeup. It lets all your makeup sink into your skin for a natural finish. But you can also use it throughout the day of course. It refreshes your skin but also brings your makeup back to life. And trust us, that little spritz on your skin will feel oh-so-good. The Fix & Protect Setting Mist has a fine mister for easy use, even on the go. Give it a gentle shake, hold it 20cm away from your face and spray away. A perfect pick-me-up to revive you and your skin during a hot day.