Have the autumn and winter left their mark, leaving you with dry, cracked lips? Not only do irritated or damaged lips look less polished, they can also be quite painful. And sometimes, it seems like no lip product offers relief, even after multiple layers. Keep reading for some handy hydration hacks that will banish dry lips.


What causes dry lips?

The skin on your lips is different from the rest of your face. The top layer of skin is much thinner and your lips contain fewer sebaceous glands responsible for hydration and softening. As a result, your lips are more sensitive and prone to damage without the necessary care and attention. Some causes of dry lips include:

  • dry air in the winter and closed spaces
  • cold wind
  • saliva (licking your lips)
  • irritating substances or flavors in lip balms
  • wow water intake, high coffee consumption (sorry!) and alcohol


Chubby Lipbalm
What to do about dry lips?

You can treat dry lips by drinking more water, eating a varied and vitamin-rich diet, and investing in a humidifier for your home. But there's also a wonder remedy: lip balm.

However, don't just grab any lip balm. Many contain ingredients that irritate or dry out the skin, such as perfumes or flavors. These can create an addictive effect; the more you apply, the drier your lips become.

On the other hand, our Chubby Lipbalm is enriched with active ingredients that restore and strengthen the skin barrier of your lips, protecting them from dry air and cold wind.


The best ingredients in one lip balm
  • Shea butter is a natural fat that moisturizes, nourishes, softens, and retains moisture. It helps restore the skin barrier and contributes to cell renewal and skin firmness.
  • Niacinamide supports cell renewal and skin firmness, promotes the production of ceramides and free fatty acids, and retains moisture while preventing allergens and bacteria. Did you know that our Fusion Glow Foundation also contains niacinamide?
  • Hyaluronic filling spheres are microspheres injected with hyaluronic acid. They penetrate the top layer of skin, fill in cracks, and protect the lips from further drying out.


Chubby Lipbalm
The Chubby Lipbalm: multifunctional lip care

The Chubby Lipbalm is a true all-rounder. It comes in 4 shades thanks to mineral pigments:

  • 01 Pearl
  • 02 Flamingo
  • 03 Rosewood
  • 04 Ruby

Moreover, you can apply the Chubby Lipbalm to your cheeks as a highlighter (with the lightly shimmering 01 Pearl), as blush or as eyeshadow. Multifunctional lip care with a touch of color.


Try our beloved Chubby Lipbalm!

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